A Season of Light

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This year one of my dreams came true, taking my oldest, Hunter, hunting for the first time.  Spending one-on-one time with this boy, with his big eyes and his kind heart, has given me a new appreciation for fatherhood. While it can seem like a thankless job, I’ve come to realize that Hunter is giving me just as much (if not more), than I am giving him. He is so full of light and wonder; I find myself drawn to him like a warm fire on a cold night.

We are blessed this year with a merging of the holidays; Hanukkah shares its first night with Christmas Eve. Both celebrate light and miracles and faith. And while we all don’t need to agree on what to worship and how, light is a beautiful place to start. I have faith in many things and, as you know, nature is one of them. I love how the morning light turns each day into a celebration of life. I love how the sunset is almost a prayer. I see the moon and look for signs, and show my boys the pictures the stars make in the night sky.

I’ve been given the incredible compliment of being a light for others. I hope this blog and my thoughts are a source of light for you. I hope they help you to be a source of light for others; it’s the best gift you can give. Light is guidance and warmth and love. It’s the beacon calling you home. It’s in your children’s eyes and your father’s embrace, your spouse greeting you after a long day, your colleague’s support on a tough project. This holiday, my hope for you, hunters, is a season filled with light.

Love, DFarbz

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