Five Questions with David Farbman & Andrea Rosenfeld

POSTED: 12-18-2014 IN: 5 Questions

Andrea Rosenfeld:

I love sharing the hunt everywhere I go, with everyone I meet. I thought I would ask the hunters I admire to share what success means to them so we can all learn from the amazing people I am fortunate to know. In this space, you will hear from politicians, outdoors enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs – each of whom is hunting down what means the most to them.

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Andrea Rosenfeld. Andrea & I met at a NextGen event where we talked about her career in fashion with Isaac Mizrahi in New York and how she came back to Detroit to nourish, educate and nurture the art community in her hometown. Andrea is the bright light behind the Detroit Art & Business Institute and Mind Your Art Business and a hunter through-and-through. She just didn’t know it until she met me.

What does success mean to you? I have successes every single day but in terms of my larger business goals, my success takes on quite a few forms.  I’ll achieve my dream when I’m able to:

  • Steadily educate creative entrepreneurs in best business practices and relationship strategies, using a mindful approach, through private consulting, seminars at arts and culture non-profits and through my own DABI group courses in Detroit, Oakland County and beyond;
  • Increase the value of artists and entrepreneurs and change the dialog surrounding creativity into a healthy, value-based one, beginning with the artists themselves;
  • Moving creatives out of the “starving artist mindset” and treat them as vital parts of the community by revealing do-able pathways to a sustainable career, allowing for greater self- esteem and dignity;
  • Build a highly profitable education and advocacy business to be able to heavily invest in the local economy and businesses.

How do you set goals? Well, like most entrepreneurs I have my business strategies set up into phases. I’m currently in phase one and within that phase I’m breaking off bite-size pieces to chew on, daily.  As a one-person, small business searching for funding and partners, I work hard not to become overwhelmed with “the little things.”  Rather I prioritize goals based upon importance and due date. I delegate what I can to my part-time employee and because creatives can be distracted by multitudes of shiny opportunities, I am VERY realistic and strategic when asked to become involved in a project that would move my time and energy away from my business goals.

In addition, as a spiritual person, I know that everything happens when it’s supposed to happen.  I work my ass off, strategically, creating my vision and don’t let set-backs worry me too much.  Business building, like life building, ebbs and flows. I accept that and keep moving forward slowly.

What was your breakout moment? Ha!  What’s that?  I’m really a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race/be-grateful-for-all-opportunities kind of a gal.  However, I’ll say that my breakout moments were when I committed to both my move home to Detroit from the east coast (summer 2013) and to my mission of education and advocacy through Detroit Art & Business Institute and Mind Your Art Business programming (April 2014).

Who was your greatest influence? The energy of others rebuilding Metro Detroit. I feed off of their creativity and can-do attitude, primarily the on-the-ground artists & entrepreneurs who work with next to zero dollars, building grand events, retail spaces and fundraisers with sweat, with credible support from their community and a passion for their mission that you can actually FEEL when they speak about it.

How do you influence others? Influencing others is best achieved through “doing” and “being.”  I teach artists and entrepreneurs to value themselves so I continue to value myself!  I speak confidently and with passion, charge a fee for my services, connect people to opportunities, ideas and other experts, never assume (be transparent and create business contracts), offer many educational programs to support growing creative businesses, don’t take anything personally, and I’m having mega fun while doing it!

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