Working Together to Grow the Great Outdoors

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Las Vegas Shot Show 2017: There I stood on a stage at our fully packed 10th anniversary Carbon Media Group party with 500 plus in the house. I felt a sense of humility, a sense of pride, a sense of a hunter who is on the right path. Over this past decade, the hunt has led us through several pivots, several recreations, several turns, and we’ve discovered the key to it all is hunting as a tribe.

As I addressed the crowd, I was shaking I was so charged up. To tell you the truth, I’ve spoken in front of much larger crowds and not had that feeling. It was more about the importance of the moment and the hunt we’ve all been on to get there. In spite of my serial entrepreneurialism and desire to build cultures, my heart truly belongs to the outdoors. (After all, my wife and I did name our boys Hunter, River, and Fischer).

The message I conveyed was about togetherness & how the outdoor industry is stronger when we work together. If we don’t work together, we’re minimizing what we can become as an industry. We should never stand in the way of growth. Now is the time to grow the great outdoors!

At Carbon Media, we have each other’s backs, and you can’t fake that kind of togetherness. Through the course of his career at Carbon, our CEO Neil Rosenzweig has instilled the very togetherness that makes us the cool company we are. With our team in flow and our industry working together, realizing no one owns the outdoors and no one owns the internet, we can do great things!

How true is this for your business? When you work together as a team internally and externally, when you work together how much better are the results? Working together makes everything better: with our families, with our relationships, with everything. And it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

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