The Hunt

The Hunt: Target, Tract and Attain Your Goals


Do you consider yourself a hunter? If you have ever dated, played sports, or held a job, then the answer is “yes.” Humans are always hunting – trying to track down and take the things they wanted, the things that will make their lives bigger, better, and safer; more satisfying , exciting, and just plain fun.

In The Hunt, serial entrepreneur, hunter, and OutdoorHub founder David Farbman offers a way of thinking about work, life, and our connection with the world based upon the ancient discipline of hunting. The Hunt will inspire anyone striving for more to think like hunters – with poise, concentration, and skill; to identify their targets; and, with focus, determination, and satisfaction, to achieve those goals.

Specifically, The Hunt shows how to get a bigger, clearer picture of your life and goals and discover things about yourself and your abilities that you’ve never noticed. The Hunt will help you:

Gain the hunter’s special skills at observation and perception, to understand your environment; Learn “predatory consciousness” – the full understanding of your prey, whether business partners or competitors, so you can predict their actions; Harness and leverage every opportunity to obtain your desired outcomes and inspire your best thinking Fully to understand where to pick battles, and where not to hunt at all.

The principles of The Hunt will give you a clearer, sharper lens for seeing the world and shaping your role in it. You’ll make better decisions, form stronger alliances, build better strategies, target bigger wins and uncover more opportunities. Best of all, you will become a true hunter when you know who you are, what you want, and how to get it.

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