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What is Your RSS?

POSTED: 03-11-2016 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

I have entered into a period of extreme productivity. I’m adding value and knocking down targets at the office and home! I am in an awesome spot with my family. Our three boys Hunter, River, and Fischer are all coming into their own. Sh*t, I’ve even laced two straight 24-hour Shabbats with no electronics which […]

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Shabbat Shalom, my peeps.

POSTED: 03-04-2016 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

As I have written here before, thanks to my wife Nadine, my family is committed to observing Shabbat every Friday, beginning at sunset.   In the Jewish religion, Shabbat is the most important holiday to observe. Over the past year, I’ve half-assed it. I might have hidden in the bathroom a time or two (or more), […]

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How to Protect the Most Productive Part of Your Day

POSTED: 02-26-2016 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

Everyone has a certain part of the day when their productivity is 10X higher than any other time frame. Imagine accomplishing in two hours what could previously have taken all day. This part of your day is called your Peak Activity Window and if used to its fullest, you can be much more successful on […]

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With great (Virtual) power comes great responsibility

POSTED: 02-19-2016 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

Back in the day, we were taught to make eye contact when speaking; that face-to-face conversation was how you shared big news and that the important things in life should be shared in person, not even over the telephone. In today’s world, Facebook and Twitter have taken the place of that personal exchange, making it […]

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How to Fuel your Hunt by Slowing it Down

POSTED: 02-05-2016 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

Fridays have a special meaning for my family and me. My wife, Nadine, has made it a part of her hunt to hold together tradition for our family. Each Friday night, we light candles, say prayers and largely go without TV or electronics as we celebrate Shabbat, our day of rest. The first few Fridays […]

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