What is Your RSS?

POSTED: 03-11-2016 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

I have entered into a period of extreme productivity. I’m adding value and knocking down targets at the office and home! I am in an awesome spot with my family. Our three boys Hunter, River, and Fischer are all coming into their own. Sh*t, I’ve even laced two straight 24-hour Shabbats with no electronics which has been surprisingly rewarding! Nadine has done us a Mitzvah (good deed in Hebrew) with pushing more Jewish tradition into our lives.

Nearly three years ago now, I wrote a blog about Robert Schechter. (http://www.davidfarbman.com/a-day-that-forever-changed-me-the-funeral-of-robert-schechter/ ). The stories of his amazing life moved me so much; I vowed to name his effect RSS: a way of measuring how fulfilling a life you are leading.

I too often catch myself trapped in ego instead of being my most authentic self, and now I realize there is an even higher level of being in the moment and without ego–a better score, and that score is the “Robert Schechter Score.” When I check in on myself as a father, as a husband, as an uncle, a friend, a partner, or a leader, I will think of a whole new bar and likely one that is just out of reach and ask, “What is my Robert Schechter Score?

I’m proud to say that I am reporting my highest RSS yet and feel like I’m at about an 80 out of 100. It is so important to check in ourselves in a capacity like this. We only have one life to live and the higher your RSS, the better you will position yourself in this lifetime and the next.

Do you monitor your RSS? What is most important to you each and every day? When you set your targets for living a life in sync with your values, you will never feel you have wasted even a moment. As hunters, we know what it is to live each moment to its fullest; let’s all take it to the next level!

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