VIDEO: Why Culture is Vital

POSTED: 02-24-2017 IN: Uncategorized

I’m excited to share with you another #DailyFuel video, this one on culture building and why my team and I have put considerable effort into establishing a strong culture at HealthRise. When the going gets tough (and inevitably it will), you want your team to stay strong and stand together. This video also includes one […]

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United States of Calm

POSTED: 02-17-2017 IN: Uncategorized

Hunters, the country is getting me down. I’m exhausted and stressed out by all the negative energy surrounding our great United States. I’ve been struggling with how to express this to all of you, without politics or motivation, other than bringing us together, united on a common Desired Outcome of calm. Years ago, each night […]

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Words to Live (and Hunt!) By

POSTED: 02-10-2017 IN: Uncategorized

In the last month, I’ve picked up a few words of wisdom I’m carrying around in my brain like a talisman.  Words that are game changers.  Words that I almost felt like I should have known, but needed to be put in front of me.  It’s like a lightbulb went off inside of me and […]

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The Hunter with the Most Options Wins

POSTED: 02-03-2017 IN: Uncategorized

As a bow hunter, when I hunt a big piece of property in pursuit of a trophy buck, the name of the game is options.  The scouting and prep that goes into bow hunting whitetails is all about finding each and every place to put a tree stand, creating scenarios that present you with as […]

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