The Hunter with the Most Options Wins

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As a bow hunter, when I hunt a big piece of property in pursuit of a trophy buck, the name of the game is options.  The scouting and prep that goes into bow hunting whitetails is all about finding each and every place to put a tree stand, creating scenarios that present you with as many “good” options as possible.

As hunters, we do this because there are so many factors (wind direction, visibility, food sources) in play every time we nock an arrow.  It takes hard work to set the scene for success.  We know if we want to take one target, we need to have the greatest possible number of targets available.  The way to do that is to push yourself, prepare for the next level and don’t leave room for mistakes.

In business, if you want to close five deals, the sales pipeline needs to be packed with 50 good options.  In parenting, you want to give your children exposure to good options so they can have the experience to make the right choices for themselves.  Creating the pipeline, doing the hard work up front, removing the negative variables, makes success a matter of choosing between targets, not finding yourself stuck in inactivity.

The next time you are sitting in a stand, my hunters, know that you have set yourself up to take down the targets you are after through hard work, discipline, and preparation.  And when that “sad daddy” crosses your path, know you are there to get it done.

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