Always Be Learning

POSTED: 01-18-2014 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

People always talk about constant action – you should always be moving forward, you should always be focused on your goals or intentions, or even that you should always be focused on a specific game plan. My version of this is simple: always be learning. There’s an opportunity to learn  in every moment, but to get the lesson, you need to keep an open mind and be aware and in the moment – always. You can of course learn from a mentor or friend or teacher, but you can also learn from your kids, co-workers, or even students – every person has something to share, so just be open to absorbing those ideas. In the same spirit, problems are the best learning opportunities out of anything: when something doesn’t go right, you learn reasons why, and if you pay close enough attention, you can fix it the next time around. In the hunt, when you don’t get your buck, you get priceless information about conditions, terrain, mating patterns, and surroundings that will help you the next time you head out – why should the rest of your life be any different?

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