Are You Awake and Aware Like the Super Predator You Want to Be?

POSTED: 03-21-2013 IN: Getting Real With The Outdoors

Are You Awake and Aware Like the Super Predator You Want to Be?

Last week we focused on a message of changing it up and how when we change habits as simple as the route you take to work or the restaurant you eat at, you are actually changing your perception and opening up yourself to think and process differently. Together we are working towards developing that true hunter mentality and the ability to think and conquer prey like a true hunter. Changing it up is a great first step in that direction. Thanks for all the awesome comments!

This week we are approaching the subject of awareness and how to raise your awareness. The true hunter is highly aware of the environment they are in. Part of becoming a super predator that hunts down the prey it seeks is to dial in our awareness.

The true hunter is able to retain multiple levels of data in real-time in an effort to be more present and to become a better hunter. This happens largely because of a conscious awareness that you bring to life in almost every situation.

In my video, I break down how we can consciously make these changes towards developing the true hunter’s awareness so check it out.

Please play the video to learn how to do this instantly and move further down our path of becoming a true hunter! And yes ladies this works every bit as well for you as the guys so play this video and get on the hunt with us as well!


In the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter, share with me the ways that you will put these awareness tips into practice. Remember, the most aware hunter is often the best hunter! Happy hunting…

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