POSTED: 05-09-2013 IN: Getting Real With The Outdoors


In the morning we wake up and start our day with a simple choice – whether we will be embracing that day for all it has to offer. Do you get up and stretch, prepping your mind and body for tasks ahead, or do you hit the snooze button and roll back over? Are you fired up to seize the opportunities you’ll face or are you just punching the clock, day in and day out? The list can go on and on, but the bottom line is crystal clear: we choose how we want to feel.

No matter what happens to you throughout the day, you choose how you’d like to process it. When a setback happens, do you view it as a problem or as an opportunity to fix the situation, grow, and do better next time?

When I start on a hunt, my attitude is hopeful, of course. I try to use all my skills and tools to the best of my ability the whole time I’m up in the tree stand, down in the brush, or wading through a riverbank. Even if it’s a day some people would call “unsuccessful” in the end, I always view it as a win. I got to spend the time out in nature, had a chance to work on my tracking patterns and learn the land – all of which I can use the next time around.

It’s just the way I choose to look at things – it can help you not just on the hunt, but in the board room and at your family’s kitchen table. If things aren’t going right and you’re feeling discouraged, stop blaming everything and everyone else. The choice is yours – start today. Adjust your attitude and watch what happens.

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