Check In Time: Holiday Reflection

POSTED: 12-26-2013 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

Regardless of Your religion or the rhythm by which You live Your life, the Holidays have a way of pushing us to CHECK IN.

Whether it is the self-reflection we tend to do or the thought of greater accomplishment & more flowing times in the year ahead, the Holidays are a meaningful part of us. They drive us as we try to beat certain milestones we have set for ourselves before the calendar year expires. And then, hopefully they remind us about what is truly important in life. The times with family, the traditions in the making, the holiday Spirit.

When You let go of ego & surrender to the moment You have an amazing chance of CHECKING IN and getting the CHECK OUT You deserve to pave the way for an amazing 2014! May You have an epic Holiday filled with less cell phone time & More CHECK IN time & of course try and get your butt outdoors☺…

GOD bless,

David, Nadine, Hunter, River, & Fischer Farbman

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