CROSSROADS: The Turn Can Make All the Difference

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When you are tracking an animal in the woods and cross a high traffic area, you have to make a choice on which direction to continue your hunt.  You observe variables such as the wind direction, the amount of cover available and the ease of the trail ahead before you apply your hunter’s instinct. The right pivot can make all the difference and have you drawing back your bow. The wrong pivot may send you home empty handed.  Similar crossroads exist in business and these moments offer you the opportunity to truly break through to the next level.

Last week the leadership team of a start-up business I am advising came to see me. Their crossroads was whether they should ride out their model or tweak the way they were selling themselves.  In order to best frame the situation, I discussed all of the wins they had achieved and used examples of leverage points or strengths, so they could consider the situation as objectively as possible. They were executing nicely, however, the model was not kicking in yet, so I offered them another way to look at the situation.

My advice to that team is the same advice I will now give to you. When you have been executing heads down, working diligently towards a big goal, achieving wins and successes, but not the exact ones you expected, it’s time to change it up.  First, look at all of your wins and accomplishments.  Then consider all of the relationships or alliances you have formed that may be able to directly or indirectly help you reach your goal.  These are all of the elements you can leverage towards success.

Now take 24 to 48 hours of alone time.  Allow yourself to disregard your fear of failure.  This is how you can get above the situation and get clear and reflect.  When you can keep the fear out of your head, you will be free to have the breakthrough thoughts that will guide you to the next turn.  Heads down execution is awesome, but sometimes you have to get above and get clear in order to see the winning path ahead.

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