Our Journey into Cuba, the Forbidden Fruit

POSTED: 04-26-2013 IN: The Outdoors, Business, and Life

Our Journey into Cuba, the Forbidden Fruit

When I was first asked to join a mission to Cuba, I was like “Umm, yea when?” I mean, it is the “forbidden fruit” after all. I then became busy in life and woke up one day and I was Cuba-bound.

Upon arrival, I marveled at the 1950s and 60s Buicks, Chevys, Fords, even a freaking Studebaker–you name it, they were all there. We saw the sights, the good, the not so good, and the plain messed up as well. On this trip with 23 great guys we bonded in a special way, just a little different kind of a way. We were strangers in a strange land together.

With a beautiful ocean and architectural brilliance in the structures throughout the struggling city of Havana, Cuba is a confusing place, but it has potential. While showing some signs of promise, the city is in severe disrepair. The average income is believed to be around $20.00 per month, however healthcare and education are paid for by the Castro government. You read that right–twenty bucks a month.

As we sat together as a group on the last night of the trip for our debrief it was clear that we all grew from this trip, but we all missed our families, our friends, and our country. I feel far more blessed than I did just a week ago. Cuba and America and two different worlds, and while they may be close as the crow flies, they couldn’t be further apart.

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