The Quest to be

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The Quest to be…

A writer.  And not just a writer, but a published author.  Like most of my stories, this one begins in a tree stand (which I fully recommend as a great place to think and gain perspective.  Build one in your backyard now.  Or climb up on the roof.).  My life was in a great place and I had just turned 40.   Many friends had gotten in touch and I was surprised and flattered by how many of them acknowledged me as a force of good in their lives.   As I looked over the tree canopy, I let go of my perceptions and really took in how others perceived me.  And inspiration struck.

Getting Started

It’s like hitting virgin woods. You need to clear trails, you need to put in food plants to do it right, you need to do everything from scratch. It’s scary and you feel vulnerable.  Those first few words on the screen or page feel carved in wood, like they can’t be erased.  But like everything, the more you write, the easier it becomes.  The judge went away…and the scout appeared.

Gaining initial Momentum

I couldn’t get enough.  The freedom to express my thoughts without judgment, to be open and flow was like a perfect hunt.  I became hooked early and was totally heads down.  Obsessed.

Hitting Writers Blocks

And then it happened.  The thing that seemed impossible one day hit like a ton of bricks the next.  I couldn’t seem to think clearly, lost my flow and everything I wrote was awful.  And just like that, the judge was back on my trail.  And I couldn’t shake him.

Re-spark momentum

I found myself in the woods, away from the words that now evaded me, former friends, now foes.  Fresh air, boots on the ground, bow in my hand, I finally scouted my way above that block.  So I took my laptop into the woods and made a decision.  I am a writer, so I need to be one.  Surrounded by nature, my mind was calm and the words returned.

Reality moment

A workable draft in my hands, I was ready to go.  But as it turns out, just because I finished it does not mean anyone else cared.  Reality set in and the work truly started.

Hurry up… and Wait

First you get an agent.  And then you wait.  While waiting, you write.  And wait.  And believe.  And wait.  And generate a blog.  And wait.  And build a platform.  And wait.  Social media…wait.  You get the idea.  (See last week’s blog about patience.  Work in progress.)

Start hitting targets

Finally, the pieces came together.  I signed with Jossey-Bass and was thrilled.  And then came the first edit.   And the second.  I had to leave my ego behind and stay focused on the target over anything else while remembering we were all on the same team with the same Desired Outcome: to see “The Hunt” on bookshelves and iPads and in the hands of readers.  My readers.

And now I AM

I am a published author with my words reaching a world of people I don’t yet have the privilege of knowing.   It’s been a wild ride and it’s only just begun.


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