TAKING DOWN A TROPHY TARGET: Becoming a New York Times Best Seller

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Two years ago, when I started writing “The Hunt,” I set a personal goal of becoming a New York Times Best Seller. Last week in my blog about The Journey ( http://www.davidfarbman.com/lessons-turkey-blind/) , I wrote about my path to be a published author and I thought seeing my book on shelves in bookstores was a thrill, but seeing “The Hunt” at #8 on The New York Times® Best Seller list tops that.

As the first non-fiction hunting book to make the list, the greater win of best seller status is the solid proof that hunting is making its way into the mainstream. It is doing this not because of the kill, but rather the hunt or pursuit of a goal.  As I once tried to start a non-fatal, pro-hunting league with the goal of growing hunting popularity among non-hunters, it feels amazing to see it happening.

We have a ways to go before “The Hunt” is a world-renowned brand with millions of people leveraging it, but this is a heck of a start down that trail. Best of all is knowing so many great hunts lie ahead, loaded with fresh opportunities to beat the odds and take down bigger and more exciting targets because that is what hunting is all about! Love the journey, not just the destination.

When you can, I hope you will check out the actual list in The New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/best-sellers-books/2014-05-04/advice-how-to-and-miscellaneous/list.html) or this recent article by Outdoor Hub ( http://www.outdoorhub.com/news/first-non-fiction-hunting-book-makes-best-seller-list/)  about becoming the first non-fiction hunting book to make the list since the inception of The New York Times® Best Seller list in 1931. It took 84 years to crack it, but then again, records are made to be broken.

Success is always in season…

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