Don’t Forget The Why

POSTED: 02-21-2014 IN: Uncategorized

When the breeding season known to deer hunters as the “rut” is in full swing we hunt where the does are. Why? Well, because that is where the bucks are fired up and in pursuit of a doe looking to breed.

In business, effective selling should lead with the Why. Just last week a very smart start up concept was pitched to me. They provided a ton of information in too much detail on the what and the how and still failed to deliver the Why.

When You want something in business, whether it is a favor or an investment, it helps to lead with the Why. For example, as an investor I want to know what the pain point for customers is and the Why. Why will Your product help solve this pain point? In other words, Why does the industry or the customer base need this product or service? You don’t need to provide 10 Why’s. The top one to three usually does just fine as long as they are the big ones

The next time You are making a pitch of any sort, try leading with the Why and watch how Your arrows start hitting their mark.

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