My Journey Into The Uncomfortable: ASKING FRIENDS FOR HELP!

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I love to deer hunt new ground all over the country. One of the things I love most about it is leveraging the countless hours of experience I have put in throughout my life to be effective hunting in any woods. I love this same journey in business, building successful businesses in Real Estate, Technology, Advertising, Health Care, and now my book and speaking platform THE HUNT. With each new challenge, I always leverage the contacts, experience and opportunities from my previous focus.

The most uncomfortable stage each time You build something big is asking people for help and support. In building THE HUNT, those people are largely my friends making it even harder for me. While I preach the importance of being able to “ask” on a regular basis, for me it is where I find myself most vulnerable.  Perhaps it’s a fear of rejection or just something I struggle with:  admitting that I can’t do this alone.

The incredible thing I have found is that when I do reach out, the support I receive is amazing.  I mean, so supportive I am humbled by it. I have learned a lot about people in this process: who really will help me and who will come up with some excuse of why they can’t.   My biggest frustration is when my calls and emails go unreturned.  Perhaps they feel like I don’t really care and I’m just taking my shot.

The truth is that when You put Your vision into the world You are like a deer in the woods: vulnerable yet proud, going about your business until you feel the target on your back.  Setting out to build a world-renowned brand is like being a buck in the woods with a 10-point rack, it’s almost like you are asking for it.  But the one thing I always can leverage is my resilience.  That can never be taken away from me as it has built up from a lifetime of experience.

The key to excelling in uncomfortable situations is to be honest about how you feel and who You are when You are going through it. At least then, no matter what the outcome, You honestly confronted the uncomfortable. When You put Your heart on the line and who You are afterwards means something to You, You can overcome the uncomfortable feeling of asking for help. To achieve greatness in relationships, business and life, You need to become vulnerable and chase down your dreams out of love. We get one life.  Let us not allow fear to run it, but instead go and tackle the uncomfortable.


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