If You Don’t A-S-K. You Can’t G-E-T

POSTED: 11-29-2013 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

When you walk into a meeting, ask for what you want – first. Most people think they should keep their goals close to the vest, waiting until the end to make an appropriate “ask.” Most people are wrong and never end up getting what they truly want. Set the stage up front and be frank with your goals. People who want to get down to business will appreciate your candor and you can start the conversation’s direction toward your desired outcomes. So what if the person you’re meeting with knows what you want? Why is that so terrible? Frame your goals clearly and quickly, and then get to work with the other person across the table to make that a reality. Hunting is no different in your place of business than it is in the field – you’re working toward achieving that final desired outcome and you have to set everything in motion up front to make it happen.

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