Peak Activity Window

POSTED: 11-15-2013 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

Everyone has a peak activity window. During this time, you just crush it! Productivity gets a major boost, and so does your ability to focus. Figure out what yours is – keep track for a week of when work comes easily to you and when things are tough. When you’re blasting through projects and cranking it out, while time flies by, that’s your zone. If you’re a rooster it’s first thing in the morning. For hawk-types, it’s midday. For people who work late, you’re like a bat. Whatever time works for you, leverage it. Be selfish and prioritize this time – every day – to accomplish your biggest tasks. Think of what advantage that gives you over your competition and what it does to your day. There’s only 24 hours and we all have to live in that, so if you’re more productive during your peak window, the rest of the day will have more time for family and leisure. Make your hunt efficient and watch the results start stacking up.

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