How to Frame Yourself in the Best Light

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In this era of selfies and social media, we are all image makers.  There are 12-year olds out there who know their best angles and how to get the right light, using filters and Photoshop to make themselves look their best in the hopes of getting big “likes.”  All that external validation is great, but I got to thinking about how are they thinking of themselves in this.  Are they using “I am” as a power tool or a weapon against their own ego?

I’ve been out of the woods lately.  Work and family obligations are keeping me on the go, and the hunter in me is taking a backseat.  I’ve taken to telling myself (to myself) – “I’m a good shot, I could use some practice.” And I’ve got to say; it’s getting me down.  It’s time for a reframe.

When you use an “I am” statement, the words you put after it directly shape your internal view of yourself.  If you are constantly thinking, “I am unhappy,” the odds of that changing are not great.  You are the perpetrator of your own mythology.  You are the one controlling your reality.

So rather than thinking “I am an okay shot,” I decided to think of myself in a different, more powerful, more fulfilling way that will feed my psyche and give me power, rather than depleting it.  My new “I am” statement goes a little something like this: I am the Michael Jordan of Jewish bow hunters.  I AM THE MICHAEL JORDAN OF JEWISH BOW HUNTERS!  Yes!

Here is a challenge for you, my hunters.  If there is something you want to change, change your mind first.  Create an “I am” statement that puts you in the position of power in your own life.  For simplicity sake, use “I am happy.”  And every time the judge creeps into your mind, shut it down with positivity.  You will be surprised at how easy and how quickly this simple thing will change your mood, your life, your point of view.  Get in that tree stand, baby, and start taking down targets with “I AM!”

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