Taking a Page from The Hunt

POSTED: 04-29-2016 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

On Mondays, I like to get to the office early. Like 5 am early…it’s my “me” time, when I get in the zone, prep for my week and fire up my hunt. This past Monday, the morning got away from me, like they do, a skittish doe in the woods, startled by the crack of a twig beneath my boot. So I was late.

I’ve recently discovered a new route to work, a road less traveled if you will. Or it least it is at 5am. After 7 am, it turns into some jam-packed, long, slow, frustrating path clearly created to make me insane. So I’m driving along, yelling at the lights, but I find a great song on the radio that distracts me from my frustration. I get over to let the car behind me shoot past through the intersection, just getting out of the way and letting go of the illusion that I had control over any of it.

And what do you know, flashing lights! As I calmly drive down the road, jamming to some Bieber (don’t judge, he’s killing it right now!), the frustrated, impatient driver behind me got busted. And I thought “there, but for the grace of Bieber, go I.” Was it fate or Karma that spared me from the other driver’s outcome? I like to think that when I gave up control nature, the universe, whatever you want to call it, took over and settled me down. Gave me a song and a red light to find my chill.

In The Hunt, this is a part of what I call “flow”- living in the real world with authenticity, knowing who you are and what you want out of life, and dealing with people and events as they really are—not as you wish they were or fear they may be. I wished the traffic were different, I was fussing and fighting a force beyond my control and when I gave that up for the song and a smile, my whole world changed.

This is one of those lessons we all have to learn over and over. I’m convinced patience does not come naturally to anyone. But the next time you find yourself railing at the universe, take a page from The Hunt, turn on the radio and go with the flow.

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