How to Spring Clean Your Hunt

POSTED: 04-22-2016 IN: Your Weekly Weapon With David Farbman

Spring has finally arrived in southeastern Michigan. It feels like I’ve been looking at brown grass and bare tree branches forever (but then again, don’t we all always feel like that!?!). But now the earth has tilted, and we turn our faces to that warm, golden light and embrace the hope of spring.

This is the time in business when the seeds planted in the fall are finally showing green shoots, letting us know that the long winter is over and now is the time to get out there! It’s time to do the groundwork (literally!) that will set you up for a successful summer and get you free time – to spend with your family, pursue your passions or start something new.

These extra hours of daylight have me waking with the birds, getting in a workout before I get down to work. My boys are playing baseball and soccer and seeing them practice fires me up to get outside and active. My entire family is just waiting for the warm mornings to kick in so the morels will start popping and then it’s Bing-time baby! I just can’t wait!

I’ve got turkeys to hunt, Morel mushrooms to find and deals to close; spring is the perfect time to get it all done. What are your goals this spring? What is firing up your Hunt? Give yourself a small challenge to complete each week until summer and you will find you are on your way to hitting your targets. Here are a few “spring cleaning” tips from your pal, DFarbz, that will get you ready for the Hunt ahead:

Get Outside

Connect with nature; the trees, water, sun, wind gets you out of your head and into the game.

Get Real

Denial is a powerful trick of your mind, and you waste enormous energy keeping up with the judge. By acknowledging what is going on and getting above and clear, you will recover vital energy you can use for good!

Get it Out

Write it down. Words on a napkin, a note on your phone; sometimes just getting thoughts out of your head can set you free.

Happy Spring, hunters, let’s raise a cold beer, lemonade, the drink of your choice, to Mother Nature and the gift of a new season of success!

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