Nature and the Pursuit of Life: Reflecting on the Fourth of July

POSTED: 07-12-2012 IN: Nature and the Pursuit of Life


As we sat back on my brother in law’s porch in Traverse City, Michigan just above West Bay, we marveled at the numbers of fireworks shows that different families were putting on in full force. The sounds of boom, boom, pow reminded me of watching batman as a child, or listening to the Black Eyed Peas in concert, however the showering flashes in the sky showed it was none other then the Fourth of July. The celebration of our independence, of our freedom in America and I admit that I love it! It is easy to sit back and complain about the noise. More than one mom made the statement “oh shoot this is totally going to wake up my kids and they’ll be a wreck tomorrow!” Each time I heard these words I smiled and said “Hey I think this day is more significant then a potential temper flare up tomorrow. This is the celebration of our freedom, this is the Fourth of July baby!” Nobody appreciates the peace and quiet and the sounds of nature more than I, but on this one night I say bring it on, bring it all on!

In Michigan 2012 marks the year that our governor Rick Snyder decided that enough was enough with allowing neighboring states to control the fireworks industry. Snyder somehow in stealth hunter-like fashion snuck a quick bill through earlier this summer that permitted Michigan vendors to sell real fireworks. His theory was simple, which is that it was tax revenue going to neighboring state governments and why shouldn’t they stay in our great state? I cannot believe it took this long for someone to figure out this loophole, where the heck have other governors been on this one anyhow? It is now estimated that $15 million plus in taxes have been contributed to Michigan this year alone. Was I part of this economic windfall, you may ask? Oh yeah, I am admittedly a total pyromaniac when it comes to fireworks, especially 500 gram loaded-up shows in a box, or as we pyros know it, a “cake”.

In the future when you or someone else is complaining about the explosive disrespectful noises going off in the sky in the summertime, remember that it is one less tax that most of us are ever touched by in our state whichever that may be and it represents a freedom that is precious. I am writing this blog in early July so who knows if by August I wont be annoyed as well. That said, clean up the debris and be responsible, but always let freedom ring and God bless America!

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