Nature and the Pursuit of Life: The Power of the Sunrise

POSTED: 08-15-2012 IN: Nature and the Pursuit of Life


I am sitting in my backyard nursing a hangover from the Coldplay concert last night. We went big and I can feel the cobwebs from that extra shot of tequila I could have done without. The sun is just beginning to rise, I take it all in. The sun is beautiful today, she has this beam or rather gleam of orange power that radiates the surroundings. I sip my coffee and I lean my head back and stand against a tall pine tree in awe of her beauty. Few things are as important to me as the sunrise. The sunrise does something to energize my spirits, it lifts me up when I feel asleep in life. It is the needed start to my nearly everyday. Few things make me sadder than missing a good sunrise.

Since childhood I have found that rising earlier then most provides me with a peak activity period which gives me a massive advantage. My capacity to be productive is in an abnormal turbo-like mode and clarity accompanies it. The true hunter knows the sunrise well, it is their friend, it is their guiding light. The sunrise represents the moment when the noises below in the woods come within visual sight of a body. As your view becomes clearer and the woods open up, so does life. Sunrise marks the start of a new day, and what in life is more precious then that?

If you feel sluggish in life, dissatisfied, unfulfilled, or you simply want more out of it, try the sunrise. Challenge yourself to meet her more often, she will always guide you to a better place. Your days will be fuller, your mind will be used to higher degrees, and your life will lift in its purpose. I love the sunrise, for it is where it all begins.

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