Nature and the Pursuit of Life: Transforming Life Amidst the Changing Leaves

POSTED: 10-10-2012 IN: Nature and the Pursuit of Life


It is amazing what some quiet time in nature can do to bring more answers to our perceived problems in life. As autumn moves in and the trees begin to turn colors, I have found that this healing effect of nature is magnified many times over. There is something energy lifting and even soul restoring about the sight, smell, and feel of the peak colors in northern Michigan. No matter how wound up you feel, no matter how bad the situation may seem, some time spent in the changing colors of northern Michigan will elevate the soul. So many times throughout life I have turned to the colors to help bring more direction and meaning to my life, and so many times I have found what I am looking for. If you have not experienced color changes that represent this level of natural power, then you are robbing yourself of a transformational experience. It is truly God’s country at its finest.

As I pull past the road sign informing me that I’ve entered Antrim County, I feel a surge of butterflies in my stomach and immediate stress relief coming on. I have been going hard, burning the candle at both ends as of late. While I feel some decent zen in my life, I have been undeniably stressed and a even a bit dulled to nature, as sad as that is to admit. The colors are simply exquisite as the reds, oranges, and even purples pop out and captivate me. I am in up north in Ellsworth, Michigan to spend a couple of days in a tree stand for the 2012-2013 opener of archery season and this recent tension has me in dire need of such a retreat . I take a deep breath and say to myself “thank God, I need a little northern Michigan color change and some pure air to breathe in for a while,” and a satisfied grin comes over my face. I pull into the farm ready for some good grub, a perfect sunset and a little chill time before the hunt in the morning.

It was almost 10 AM when I stepped out of the woods, threw off my camouflage jacket and safety harness vest, set my bow in the backseat of the truck cab, and decided to hop in the truck bed and color gaze for a while. It was a solid first morning hunt, as I could have arrowed several deer, but did not see the big guy I was looking for. I turn my cell phone off so nothing will interrupt my peaceful state, sit back and stare out into the sky. I tune into the power of what is occurring in nature and I am immediately awestruck by its radiance. I love how this happens time and time again with nature. Just when you assume that you know what it is all about, you become more captivated than ever before by its abundant beauty and energy. I can feel the stress begin to clear out and positive thoughts come to me. Nature offers us this opportunity to clear out tension by merely being one with it. After another day of this I will be recharged and ready to hit the battlefields of business and jump back in ready to rock.

If you feel like stress is pulling at you or if you need a big answer to a life problem, get out in nature and let the answers flow to you. If you are in need of some fresh perspective or are searching for something nature has you covered. Life in a tree stand deep in the woods is about way more than just hunting – it is about absorbing all of the wonderful connective energy that radiates from the woods. There is no time where that flow is more abundant than when the color change is taking place and we transform alongside it. Go and be present and breathe in the fall and absorb that positive natural force and let it guide you to the best destination. You will not be disappointed.

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