Riding the Wave of Disruption

POSTED: 04-01-2016 IN: Uncategorized

My good friend Josh Linkner says “disrupt or be disrupted.” I could not agree more. As I become more interested and invested in politics, it has become increasingly apparent that disruption is the way of the world. And whether we like it or not, change is the constant in all our lives.

I am always thinking of ways to disrupt the industries where I have businesses, finding the ways to break out of the pack and turn the game on its head. The pivot is where the most exciting things happen, catching the top of a wave a riding right into a breakthrough moment. While thrilling, it can also be terrifying…wondering if you can stay on your feet through the bumps and lulls or if the tide will pull you under.

This particular political cycle has given us a rather disruptive group. The candidates are bound together by new thinking, seemingly unbound by old ways and offering interesting but simplistic, unrealistic answers to the major problems plaguing the US. The messaging is targeting our emotions and playing on our fears, which is a great way to win elections and get media coverage, but makes it hard to make a voting decision.

My plan is to ride this political wave and see what comes. The parties that have guided our government to this point are straddling two canoes and headed down a rapid, raging river; soon they will have to choose a candidate and start paddling for the win. I cannot predict what is going to happen in the next seven months, but I can guarantee it will be interesting. Disruption always is.

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