Took 44 years to figure The Hunt out for realz…

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In my office, rocking some serious Monday execution when my phone rings and lights up with all 0000000s. Immediately, I hope it’s my buddy Sheldon Yellen calling. Upon answering, I hear that lovable voice of my man Sheldon and it puts a smile on my face. Sheldon was calling me to throw me a big Mazel Tov on the cover of the Jewish News and another feature written by Vivian Henoch (My Jewish Detroit). While I am more of an internal person when it comes to the acknowledgement of success, this one really has felt great! It feels like what The Hunt is all about.

We have heard from hundreds of our friends from all communities African American to middle eastern to my amazing Jewish community and of course all my homeez from Berkley and Michigan State over to A2 and out to Cali… and I’d be remiss not to say ‘sup to the Clee. Facebook has been a version of “This is your life” each day with friends from around the country reaching out and sharing the story. It’s so cool! When you are doing good, word spreads fast and inspires others to make those same commitments: to family and community, to a world bigger than oneself.

Our companies are on a serious run, but it all pales in comparison to the feeling Nadine and I have had since committing and going ALL IN to become (at least for now), the youngest centennial givers in Federation Detroit’s history. For the record, we look forward to being one-upped and I plan to help that next donor one up me big time!

Sometimes you have a week in your life where you’re proud and you know that you’re working on the right things, the things that matter. We are working to make HealthRise a holy company as we immerse it into the community and causes that fit our core values. Nadine and I have a new motivation to build wealth and it’s called “Community Investment.” Maybe I won’t have as much cash as some of my buddies, but I’ll be living on a whole different level and rocking out to a higher frequency. This feeling is what The Hunt has been all about the whole time, I just didn’t know it yet.

And now is the time for you to think about how you can give back. Maybe it’s time, service or bringing recognition to the causes that mean the most to you through social media. Giving takes many forms and as long as it is done with feeling and heart, then you are definitely on this hunt with me!

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