Nature and the Pursuit of Life: A Passionate Hunter’s Journey through NYC’s Central Park

POSTED: 09-05-2012 IN: Nature and the Pursuit of Life


I am staring out into the green oasis of Central Park from 110 feet up in my room in New York City. I used to have an aversion to New York as I am a country boy at heart after all, however time and experience have altered my view of the Big Apple. Sure, it can be intimidating to be boxed in by monstrous high-rises. You can see a bum drunk from the night before dying a slow death. Then there are the well-dressed GQ bankers that walk with a certain entitlement about them. Tourists from all around carry their expensive cameras and don their fanciest clothes. New York City has it all. However in the midst of the insanity, with all of the attitude, depression, arrogance, and steamy air lies a green oasis that anchors the mayhem.

If you have not been to Central Park, it is a place that you should see. At first glance you may think of it as simply a park with statues of famous writers and poets from the 1700s, but it is far more than just a park. Central Park is a endless stream of energy and a needed resource for all that visit her. With the worst of hangovers, in the most down-and-out state of mind, when the stress seems unbearable, she is there awaiting her people. You should go lie on one of the rock formations and observe the way people merge themselves into the nature of Central Park. People gather with their children, they hold hands and walk around the pond, read the inscriptions of statues of Scottish poets like Walter Scott, walk their dogs, and be one with nature.

Think of the power that lies within her domain. Never before have I seen collective energy quite like I have in Central Park. With the right mindset and state of consciousness flowing you will be amazed at what amasses inside of her sprawling trails as you lie there and stare. With all of your senses at their full awareness levels, it truly is remarkable what you will observe. People use this park like a drug that is necessary to live. They are addicted to her every inch of ground. Even a country boy like me can see that Central Park, besides being some of the most valuable real estate in the world, has deep meaning and provides something priceless for all that enjoy her beauty.

Think about the power of nature in this way and how amazing she can be. Think about how the trees, rock formations, water, and beauty can create a truly tranquil place in the middle of the madness of New York City. Go and be one with nature, and never take her for granted. Each tree, each lawn, each inch of nature is magical if and when we choose to see it, to feel it and to appreciate it. The connection is and has always been there for us all. Go and harness nature, for life is too short not to. The sun will rise tomorrow morning and it shall set again as well. Go and make the most of life and harness the power of nature in between the dawn and dusk of each day. When you pass by a local park or stare out at a section of woods or fields, know that there is far more there than what meets the eye. Nature is alive and well and it harbors a deep energy that is available to us all.

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